Administrative Services

Julia Lavallee – Practice Manager. She is responsible for hiring new staff, developing personnel policies, maintaining equipment, ordering medical supplies, ensuring medical records are stored properly.

Billing and Patient Account Services

Lillian Beck – Billing Supervisor. She is researching, developing, and writing billing policies and guidelines.

Karen Gittens – Data Entry Specialist. She is collecting and entering data in databases and maintaining records of important company information.


Connie McDonald – Receptionist. She is greeting them, answering calls, directs visitors to the necessary department directories, giving instructions. She also monitors logbook, issues visitor badges.

Lanette Denny – Lead Receptionist. She performs administrative tasks (answering phones, welcoming visitors, providing general information about the company).

Debbie Justus – Receptionist. She is responsible for handling front office reception.


Judith Adams, RN – Registered Nurse. She fulfills a lot of tasks: administers medications, observes and monitors patients’ conditions, maintains records, communicates with doctors, performs diagnostic tests and analyzing results, operates medical equipment, records patients’ symptoms and medical histories, etc.